20 Nov

The Most Majestic Trees for Your Landscaping Needs

Majestic Trees

The Most Majestic Trees

When it comes to improving the curb appeal of your yard and helping your home look more distinguished and attractive, the right majestic trees can make all the difference. Of course, trees also serve the practical purposes of providing shade, keeping cooling costs down, and serving as an exterior sound barrier against traffic and neighbors. Even more importantly, trees offer wildlife habitats and symbolize the best of nature. The following trees are iconic, majestic, and perfect for your own landscaping purposes. Read More

10 Nov

Don’t Wait Another Minute for a Palm Tree Maintenance Plan

Palm Tree Maintenance

Palm Tree Maintenance

Those beautiful palm trees in your yard require consistent and professional care and attention in order to remain vital and healthy. From the Phoenix palm and Sylvester palm to the Queen palm and Canary Island Date palm, each tree is unique and distinct in its own way. In order to enjoy your palm trees for all that they are worth, ask your landscaping company about a palm tree maintenance program.

Customized Care Read More