15 Mar

4 Great Commercial Landscaping Ideas

Commercial Landscaping Ideas Commercial Landscaping Ideas

Just as the right landscaping can transform a residential property and provide incredible curb appeal, strategic commercial landscaping ideas are able to totally alter customer and employee experience in the best of ways. These tips can help guide you on the path to successful commercial landscaping, especially with a professional by your side.

Begin With the Entry Way

The entry way to your business, whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, or store, should be a beautiful focal point. This is done best with the low, bright colors of flowers, grasses, bulbs, and other nice features. A subtle contract to the low color, like two parallel trees, can create a unique addition to an unforgettable and welcoming entrance.

Invite Customers to Stay

Work seating and other features into your landscaping so that customers are inclined to hang around a bit before leaving. Benches, garden statues, and small waterfalls make excellent adornments that customers will appreciate.

A fish pond surrounded by gorgeous flowers and wrought iron benches will inspire customers to describe your landscaping to other customers, and before long, you’ll watch your business benefit from more foot traffic.

Outdoor landscaping plans can also provide employees with a nice place to take a break and refresh their minds so that they’re more likely to work hard and have a positive attitude.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can fix and ameliorate any landscaping issue because they add depth and volume while also adding more planting space. Many commercial buildings like to use retaining walls to shield ugly expansive parking lots from immediate view and instead provide a beautiful terrain that adds atmosphere and elegance.

In addition, retaining walls provide the benefit of controlling erosion and adding height and layers of interest to an otherwise dull area.

Talk to a professional landscaping company to design a vision that will transform your commercial space into something special to remember.