15 Mar

The Best Shrubs to Plant in Late Spring

Best Shrubs to Plant

Palms and tropical shrubs are natural to Florida climates, and as such they usually thrive as long as they are planted during the right time of year. With the coronavirus outbreak, many people have been denied their ability to hire landscaping services for the spring. That doesn’t mean you have to put off your landscape changes until next year. 

Best Shrubs

There are a lot of palms and shrubs that are great to plant in the late spring or early summer. When the stay-at-home orders are expired and life begins to return to normal, you can go ahead with at least some of your landscaping plans. While your flower beds may be fairly empty until next spring, your sod can be laid and your palms and tropical shrubs can be installed.

Almost any palm tree can be planted in the late spring or early summer. The important thing for these new plantings is for them to establish a root system before the colder temperatures hit in late fall and early winter. If you plant them by mid-summer, you will be able to establish them well before the weather changes.

As for tropical shrubs, you have many to choose from. The Beautyberry tropical shrub blooms with purple berries in the late summer and early fall. If you plant these shrubs by late spring, you’ll be able to enjoy the blooms and berries in the summer. The Blanket Flower is another tropical shrub that blooms in late summer, but can be planted in late spring.

Buttonwood and small palmetto tropical shrubs are also great additions to your landscaping in the late spring. These shrubs are resilient and can just about be planted at any time of year. They also grow several feet in height, so they are a good choice for a shrub barrier around your property.

If you are interested in getting help planning your landscaping for late spring, contact us today for more information or to get started.

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