15 Jul

Best Landscaping Uses for Tall Tropical Shrubs

Tall Tropical Shrubs

Shrubs can do a lot more than beautify your home. Tropical shrubs can come in all sizes, and the taller ones have a lot of uses. Here are just a few ideas for how you can use tropical shrubs in your landscaping.

Tall Tropical Shrubs

A natural privacy fence

Do you often wish you had more privacy? Shrubs that grow up to six feet tall are available for your landscaping. Place them along your property line to provide you and your family with additional security and privacy. 

Garden enclosures

Do you have an expansive garden that you need to protect from children and other hazards? Shrubs can be planted along the borders of your garden to discourage people from trampling on your flowers, vegetables, and other plants. Alternatively, you can use shrubs around a floral garden to create a path through the garden.

Erosion control

If you have an area of your property that seems to be eroding more and more with every storm, you need to stop the erosion before it becomes a problem. Tropical shrubs have very dense, complex root systems that reach deep into the ground. These roots can trap the soil and put a stop to erosion issues.

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