15 Oct

The Fall Landscaping Maintenance Your Tropical Plants Need

Even though it is approaching late fall, tropical plants will survive the cooler Florida temperatures. Even in its coldest months Florida’s weather rarely becomes a problem for well-established tropical plants. While you don’t want to plant tropical trees and shrubs during this time of year, it is a good time to do some basic maintenance to prepare for a new thriving season.

Pruning only as absolutely necessary

You should not be pruning your tropical trees or shrubs in the fall and winter months. The best time to prune is late winter to early spring in preparation for the growing season. Pruning too early in the season can easily kill a tree of any kind, and tropical trees are no different. Of course, if a part of the tree becomes diseased or faces other hazard pruning may become necessary. If required, it should be done by a professional.

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15 Sep

Autumn Is Here! What to Expect From Your Tropical Plants

Florida is unique in the U.S. for having a very tropical climate, even though it does see some turning of the seasons. Because Florida is so warm and moist for most of the year, tropical plants are very common and entirely appropriate for Florida lawns. But there are some things you should expect from your tropical plants as temperatures cool, and you may need to take some precautions.

Do not prune in the fall or winter.

Even though Florida is still fairly warm, you don’t want to prune your tropical trees or shrubs during this time. Pretty much any tree or bush is going to need some pruning in late winter or early spring to prepare for new growth, but too much trimming or pruning when growth is slow could kill the plant.

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15 Aug

Landscaping Tasks to Tackle Before Fall

August and early September are a great time to tackle some specific tasks in your Florida landscape. Getting these tasks out of the way now lay the groundwork for successful gardening and lawn care throughout the rest of the year and into the spring.

Give your roses some tender loving care.

If you have some rose bushes, you’re going to want to give them extra special attention this month. Add fertilizer, especially if you have not done so yet this growing season. You should also prune away dead, diseased, or insect ridden parts of the plants so that they can be healthy. If you’re lucky you might get another bloom out of your rose bushes before they go dormant.

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15 Jul

Best Landscaping Uses for Tall Tropical Shrubs

Shrubs can do a lot more than beautify your home. Tropical shrubs can come in all sizes, and the taller ones have a lot of uses. Here are just a few ideas for how you can use tropical shrubs in your landscaping.

A natural privacy fence

Do you often wish you had more privacy? Shrubs that grow up to six feet tall are available for your landscaping. Place them along your property line to provide you and your family with additional security and privacy. 

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15 Jun

Best Landscaping Uses for Small Tropical Shrubs

When you are plotting the landscape for your new or renovated home, the choices for Florida-friendly tropical shrubs, trees, and other landscaping features can be overwhelming. While researching different types of shrubs, consider how you might put those shrubs to use. They don’t have to be just for decoration. Here are some ideas.


Small tropical shrubs are a great addition to your garden, creating a natural border. If you have a raised garden for convenience, the shrubs can hide the stilts of the garden boxes.

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15 May

How Often Should You Trim Your Shrubs?

Do you have some tropical shrubs in your yard? If so, you’ll want to make sure that you take care of them properly so that they can flourish and improve the look of your property. Part of maintaining your tropical shrubs is trimming them on occasion. This not only improves how they look, it also allows them to grow healthier by absorbing more sunlight and water. Learn below how often to trim your shrubs and the best way to do it.

Trimming or Pruning?

There is a big difference between trimming shrubs and pruning them. When you trim shrubs back, you are primarily doing so for the aesthetically pleasing effect, keeping them in a shape that you desire. This can be done almost any time of year, as long as you aren’t overzealous.

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15 Apr

Using Your Stimulus to Refresh Your Landscaping

Wondering what to do with your CARES stimulus check? If you are still working full time or collecting the extra $600 a week in unemployment, your bills are probably already paid. That leaves many possibilities for your stimulus. One of the things you can do is refresh or improve your landscaping.

Landscape Design

If you are tired of your backyard, you might want to think about hiring a professional for landscape design. They will be able to help you plan your yard, including features such as water features, garden plots, and trees and shrubs. Landscape design is usually charged by the hour, or it may be a set price for design and installation.

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15 Mar

The Best Shrubs to Plant in Late Spring

Palms and tropical shrubs are natural to Florida climates, and as such they usually thrive as long as they are planted during the right time of year. With the coronavirus outbreak, many people have been denied their ability to hire landscaping services for the spring. That doesn’t mean you have to put off your landscape changes until next year. 

There are a lot of palms and shrubs that are great to plant in the late spring or early summer. When the stay-at-home orders are expired and life begins to return to normal, you can go ahead with at least some of your landscaping plans. While your flower beds may be fairly empty until next spring, your sod can be laid and your palms and tropical shrubs can be installed.

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15 Feb

Think of Your Landscape as an Ecosystem—Because It Is

When most people think of their landscape, they are considering what trees, shrubs, and plants are going to look the best and are suited to their tastes, but there are a lot of other more important things to consider when choosing landscaping features. 

In planning the landscape, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that you are actually manipulating nature. Mother Earth has her own designs for the area you live in, and your landscape and the landscape of the entire city is part of a delicate ecosystem. Of course, most people manipulate that ecosystem to have the lawn or landscape that they want, but it is still important to consider.

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15 Jan

The Best Palm Trees for Your Florida Landscaping

Palm trees are a staple in Florida landscaping. When one thinks of Florida, they automatically picture white sandy beaches and palm trees swaying in the breeze. Palms are a great choice for Florida landscaping because they are well suited to warm tropical climates like Florida. Other trees simply don’t thrive well in this environment. However, it is also important to choose the right palms for your landscaping. Here are a few of the best palms to have installed in your lawn.

Coconut Palm Tree

The coconut palm tree does best in full sun, so you want to plant these palm trees a little away from your house or building so that it doesn’t overshadow the tree and prevent it from thriving. These palm trees are also incredibly tolerant to drought, so the drier winter months will not harm them. They also have a resistance to salt, which can be important if you live near the beach.

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