15 Jan

The Best Palm Trees for Your Florida Landscaping

The Best Palm Trees

Palm trees are a staple in Florida landscaping. When one thinks of Florida, they automatically picture white sandy beaches and palm trees swaying in the breeze. Palms are a great choice for Florida landscaping because they are well suited to warm tropical climates like Florida. Other trees simply don’t thrive well in this environment. However, it is also important to choose the right palms for your landscaping. Here are a few of the best palms to have installed in your lawn.

Best Palm Trees

Coconut Palm Tree

The coconut palm tree does best in full sun, so you want to plant these palm trees a little away from your house or building so that it doesn’t overshadow the tree and prevent it from thriving. These palm trees are also incredibly tolerant to drought, so the drier winter months will not harm them. They also have a resistance to salt, which can be important if you live near the beach.

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15 Jul

Three Important Tips to Help Palm Trees Thrive

Tips to Help Palm Trees Thrive

When you get palm trees installed in your landscape, we strive to ensure that you have the strongest, healthiest plants possible. We plant each palm with the utmost care, and ensure that it has a good start in the soil. From the time of planting, it is important that you care for your palms appropriately so that they do not wither and die. Here are three important tips to help your palm trees thrive just after planting.

Water Frequently

It is important that your palms get plenty of water, especially right after they are planted. If it doesn’t rain, you should water your palms every day for the first two to three weeks. After this, water every other day for two to three weeks. At that point you can resume a normal watering schedule of twice a week. If you don’t make sure your palms get enough water in the first month or two, they will wither and die very quickly.

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10 May

An Introduction to Palm Tree Care

Palm Tree Care

Palm Tree Care

Nothing symbolizes the Florida culture and climate quite like a collection of beautiful palm trees. When you make the investment to transform and enhance your landscaping with palm trees, it is very important to understand the best methods of palm tree care. Just a bit of strategic watering, fertilization, and pruning will help your palm trees flourish in the Florida sun. Read More

15 Mar

Stunning Backyard Palm Tree Design Ideas

Backyard Palm Tree Design

Backyard Palm Tree Design

Living in Florida comes with many perks, including the ability to choose any palm tree for your landscaping purposes. While northern states are restricted to cold-hardy palms, residents of Florida have the freedom to select any palm tree species that they find appealing, since Florida’s climate provides the perfect growing conditions for all types of palms.  

If you’re currently looking for a way to add more character, shade, and appeal to your backyard, consider adding palm trees into your landscape design. There’s nothing quite like a palm to transform a drab, dull backyard into an instant tropical oasis. Better yet, investing in backyard landscaping can boost the value of your home. Read More

20 Dec

A Quick Guide to Fertilizing Your Palm Trees

Fertilizing Your Palm Trees

Fertilizing Your Palm Trees

If you have invested in palm trees and other plants for your yard’s landscaping, you definitely want to treat them with tender care. A large part of this care involves strategically fertilizing your palm trees to help them thrive. So what exactly should you do, and when?

Frequency of Fertilization

Many people believe that the soil needs to be fertilized when a palm is planted, but that’s a common misconception. Since palm trees are so fragile when they are first transplanted, they risk sustaining root damage if they are fertilized too quickly. The best time to fertilize your new palm is after three to four months, then four times a year after that. Given the climate in Florida, it’s best to use a heavy fertilizer application in the fall and spring, then a lighter application in the winter and summer. Read More

10 Nov

Don’t Wait Another Minute for a Palm Tree Maintenance Plan

Palm Tree Maintenance

Palm Tree Maintenance

Those beautiful palm trees in your yard require consistent and professional care and attention in order to remain vital and healthy. From the Phoenix palm and Sylvester palm to the Queen palm and Canary Island Date palm, each tree is unique and distinct in its own way. In order to enjoy your palm trees for all that they are worth, ask your landscaping company about a palm tree maintenance program.

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15 May

Watch Out for This Palm Tree Infection in Tampa

Palm Tree Infection

Palm Tree Infection

TPPD sounds like an acronym for some type of fatal heart disease, but it’s actually Texas Phoenix Palm Decline, and its recent spread to Florida is threatening palm trees around Tampa Bay. If you live in or near Tampa Bay, you may notice palm trees being cut down in their prime for what seems like no reason, but in truth these trees are succumbing to TPPD, the tree disease with no known cure.

What is TPPD?

It was only ten years ago that lethal yellowing was the only known palm disease in Florida caused by parasites and pathogens called phytoplasmas. In particular, phytoplasmas are unculturable bacterium with no cell wall. Texas Phoenix Palm Decline is now another known palm disease caused by this phenomenon, but it’s unknown how it arrived in Florida. Read More

15 Jan

A Palm Tree that Waters Itself?

Waters Itself

A Palm Tree that Waters Itself?

Some people are born with an intuition for plants and gardening, like the grandmother who cherishes her garden and can nurture any flower back to health from the brink of death. Others can kill a plant by looking at it the wrong way. For those in the latter group, the lodoicea maldivica, or coco de mer palm tree is the answer to your prayers. This palm tree waters itself and even fertilize itself. Even the most dismal gardener can handle watching this beauty thrive! Read More

20 Nov

Everything You Never Knew about Palm Trees

Never Knew about Palm TreesNever Knew about Palm Trees

For most people, the words “palm tree” are synonymous with exquisitely beautiful Caribbean vacations and the intoxicating sensation of sun-kissed skin. But palm trees actually have a rich history dating back to biblical times and are used for a wide variety of applications even in today’s society.


Palm trees exist in more than 2,500 difference species that live in deserts, rainforests, and everywhere in between. They grow in the form of shrubs, long woody vines, and the Read More