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Common Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

Common Landscaping Mistakes

Common Landscaping Mistakes

If you’re the type of person that loves their lawn, you’ve surely spent the time and dedication it requires to learn how to care for it properly. You know that each type of grass has its own unique requirements and ideal conditions that must be respected. By doing so, you enjoy a perfectly manicured, beautifully uniform lawn that makes all of your neighbors green with envy.

So, there’s no way you would ever commit any of these common landscaping mistakes that plague those new to lawn care and landscaping: 

Cutting grass too short

If you believe that keeping your grass cut extra short will prevent you from having to cut it so often, you’re kind of correct… but for the wrong reason. You see, when you cut grass blades below around 2” in height, you actually damage the blade’s crown and root structure. This inevitably leads to dead grass, brown patches, and a costly replacement project.

Grass should always be at least 2” tall, with some grass varieties preferring 4-5”. When you do mow, never cut off more than ⅓ of the grass’ total height at one time.

Not respecting sun and shade requirements

If a plant says it needs full sun and you plant it in the shade, don’t be surprised when it doesn’t grow well. So many property owners just plant whatever looks good in a certain spot without considering the plant’s sun, shade, and nutrition needs. This causes plants to grow poorly and just wither and die.

Grass is the same. Some grasses only thrive in full sun, while others can tolerate mild to moderate shade. By choosing a grass variety that will grow well all over your yard, you’re ensuring that your lawn will look good all year.

Adding too much decoration

We’ve all passed by lawns with so many decorations that we wonder how they can even walk around. From lawn gnomes to flower pots to decorative seating, people can get a little carried away with their lawn decorations. Opt for a “less is more” approach when planning the layout of your lawn. Less decorations mean less items actually making contact with the grass, which will prevent dying and areas of variable growth.

Quality Lawn Care in Tampa Bay

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