10 Aug

Three Ways to Create Your Own Tropical Paradise

Own Tropical Paradise

Create Your Own Tropical Paradise

If you’re like so many other Americans who are watching their wallets and trying not to spend on big ticket items like cars, vacations, and electronics, then you probably know the value of a “stay-cation,” a vacation that you can take without going anywhere. Rather than spend money on the plane tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, and overpriced food just to visit the tropics for a week, why not create your own tropical paradise right in your own backyard? One that you can enjoy every day for no charge!

Choose the Right Plants

What is an exotic getaway without palm trees and wild colored flowers? Hire a landscaper to help you plan the plants and trees that will not only fit your vision but also mesh well with your climate and existing landscaping. Many palm trees need a certain level of heat and sun to survive, and some plants require specific soil conditions.

Incorporate Water

You want to feel like you’re by the water, even if you’re hundreds of miles away. This can be easily accomplished with the addition of a small waterfall and pond within your lush landscaping. The sound of water in motion can cover traffic and noisy neighbors to help you maintain your tranquility and forget you’re not actually on a Caribbean island.

Color and Comfort

Your outdoor environment is no place to play it safe. This is the time to use all of those bright, bold colors you’d never dare use in your dining room. Orange, red, yellow, and green are perfect color choices for any chairs, umbrellas, pillows, carpets, and flowers that end up in your outdoor living area. Make sure those pillows and chairs are so comfortable that you can fall asleep, because that’s what your tropical getaway is all about.

Ensure Privacy

While you’re chatting with your landscaper, see if you can use your trees to strategically build more privacy between you and your neighbors. This could be as easy as planting a few trees around the perimeter of your patio or deck to make you feel more invisible.

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