15 Jul

The Four Best Landscaping Ideas Out There

Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping Ideas

Most homeowners are trapped in a curious contradiction in which they want a beautiful yard but rarely go outside to enjoy their beautiful and impressive landscaping. In fact, a recent survey indicates that adults spend less than 15 minutes per week out in their yards! If you fall into this category, perhaps it is because you’re missing certain landscaping elements that could help you go outside and feel comfortable and relaxed landscaping ideas are sure to lure you outside in no time.

Build an Outdoor Room

It’s totally possible to be outside while still retaining the creature comforts of the indoors. If you’d rather not sit out in the hot sun and be one with the plants and insects, an outdoor room is a perfect idea for you. An outdoor room might simply be a large porch with ceiling fans and furniture, or it could be a screen room that separates you from bothersome insects and hot weather.

Construct an Outdoor Kitchen

It doesn’t get much better than an outdoor kitchen. A resilient countertop, sink, and grill next to a nice table and umbrella, all sitting atop of a gorgeous stone or stamped concrete patio. If you enjoy cooking or gathering with friends, this is the ultimate landscaping addition to ensure that you will get full use of your yard.

Water Features

There’s something so tranquil about the sound of running water, especially when it’s right outside in your backyard. You can opt for a pond or even a solar-powered tabletop fountain depending on the level of complexity and involvement you’re seeking. If you have enough shade in your yard, a pond or waterfall could be the perfect centerpiece for a relaxing reading nook or patio.

Fire Pit

Fire pits are all the rage right now, mainly because they are so easy to buy and install. All you need is a flat piece of land and some comfortable chairs, and you have yourself the best evening hangout spot you could hope for. The beauty of fire pits applies just as well in the summer as in the winter, since it’s always a great time to sit around a fire!

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