17 Jul

A Quick Guide to Hardscapes and Softscapes

Hardscapes and SoftscapesHardscapes and Softscapes

You carefully and lovingly designed the interior of your home, but what about the exterior? Is your backyard a wide open space lacking purpose and function? If so, you just need to use a blend of hardscapes and softscapes to transform your space and make it your favorite place to relax.

What Are Hardscapes?

As the name suggests, hardscapes are items in your yard that are inanimate, hard, and unchanging. Think gravel, stones, walkways, walls, and outdoor structures – anything that can be used to create a beautiful outdoor living space.

If you have a great deal of space to fill, consider building a wooden pergola or screen room as a place to sit, relax, and gather with friends and family. On the other hand, if your backyard is small and you don’t want it to feel cramped, an outdoor fire pit can cultivate a relaxing atmosphere without taking up too much room.

A Quick Overview of Softscapes

Softscapes are the living, growing, horticultural components of your yard like shrubs, ground covers, flowers, and trees. They change and evolve, sometimes requiring daily or weekly maintenance.

Softscaping is more commonly known as landscaping, and it is this aspect of your yard that can be customized to your specific climate and locality. Homes in southern Florida, for example, can take advantage of palm trees and other beautiful tropical plants that homes in Maine cannot.

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