15 Feb

Landscaping Secrets from the Pros

Landscaping Secrets Landscaping Secrets

A beautiful home deserves beautiful landscaping. It’s well known that expertly done landscaping can completely transform a home’s appearance and boost curb appeal instantly. From simple measures like using a variety of plants to more complex techniques like incorporating a natural waterfall, the professionals know all about the landscaping secrets to create an unforgettable landscape.

Plan For All Seasons

This may not matter as much in the south, but northern landscapes suffer from a dearth of color and shape during the winter. Solve this problem using evergreen shrubs and trees around the front of the house. Evergreen plants soften vertical lines and offer a more inviting appearance through all twelve months, regardless of the temperature.

Break up the Monotony

Big yards are a treasure, but a wide expanse of nothing but grass can look a bit bland. Bring sections of lawn to life and island of soil, rocks, plants and trees, called a berm. These mini-gardens add color, texture, and height to an otherwise plain piece of land. Berms look lovely on corners for instant curb appeal.

Use Curved Lines

The edging that’s installed around flower gardens and walkways can enjoy more personality and appeal with curves in place of straight lines. Since the edging is permanent, it adds style to the landscape year round.

Add Lighting

Don’t go to so much work to create the perfect landscape without being able to flaunt it at night as well. Landscaping lights are small and subtle tools to enhance your yard’s appearance after the sun sets. Every pathway and flower bed looks more distinguished with gentle lighting guiding the way.

Make a Path

If there is a particular spot in your yard that’s frequently used, install an attractive walkway instead of fighting a losing battle against dead grass. Concrete stepping stones, natural flagstone, and decorative brick all add to the appearance of a yard while simultaneously serving a true function.