15 Apr

Making Your Yard a Tropical Paradise

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Making Your Yard a Tropical Paradise

The world is filled with stunning, beautiful, incredible landscapes. Rocky coasts, endless green fields, and of course, the unforgettable sunny tropics. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on airfare and resort fees in order to relax in a tropical environment, you can transform your yard into your personal tropical paradise. All it takes is some clever landscaping!

What’s the Magic of the Tropics?
Caribbean destinations offer a sense of serenity and adventure. The colors, architecture, plant life, and more all contribute to a unique and priceless experience. As you create your own backyard wonderland, the key is to make sure that you blend the right type of plantslike palms, orchids, and bromeliadswith the furniture and decor that work together to scream “paradise!”

Don’t Leave Anything Out

Earth, Wind, and Fire…. And water! A tropical paradise should comprise of all four of these elements, even if has to be subtle. Maybe you have a pool, or perhaps you can use a small fountain for the presence of water. Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes and can easily and affordably be incorporated into your landscaping. What about a stone foundation for the to tie everything together?

You could really invest in your Caribbean sanctuary and buy tiki furniture or even make a tiki bar! By establishing a solid hardscape around which to create your landscaping, your tropical paradise will be well on its way to serving its ultimate purpose.

Choose the Right Plants

Color, color, and more color! That’s what the tropics is all about. Try a banana tree, shrimp plant, elephant ear, Mandeville, angel trumpet, and Hawaiian snowbush. Don’t they just sound exotic? Of course, you can’t forget the palm trees. What type of tropical paradise would your backyard be without a few royal palms to admire?

The lusher the foliage, the more your backyard space will send you into a peaceful vacation mode. Density is important, since tropical gardens are known for overlapping plants that climb on one another and fill all space, high and low. If you don’t have a sloped yard to assist in elevating plants to be seen in the back, try using raised flower beds and pots to create the tropical feeling.

Hiring the right landscaping professional will make this process much easier and ensure that your backyard space looks exactly as you imagined!