10 Nov

Don’t Wait Another Minute for a Palm Tree Maintenance Plan

Palm Tree Maintenance

Palm Tree Maintenance

Those beautiful palm trees in your yard require consistent and professional care and attention in order to remain vital and healthy. From the Phoenix palm and Sylvester palm to the Queen palm and Canary Island Date palm, each tree is unique and distinct in its own way. In order to enjoy your palm trees for all that they are worth, ask your landscaping company about a palm tree maintenance program.

Customized Care

The needs of palm trees are incredibly diverse, and you can’t be expected to understand their care requirements like a professional. You need to handle all of the regular responsibilities in your life, so it’s easier and safer to trust your palm trees to your landscaping company. Choose a care program that applies special fertilization, insect control, and disease control, as well as long-lasting protective insecticide treatments, preventative fungal applications, and phytoplasma disease prevention treatments if needed. This type of vigorous care will ensure that your palms remain vibrant and healthy.

Save Money

All it takes is a few dollars every month to keep your palm maintenance program in place, and that preventative measure will stop you from ever needing to pay $3,000 up front to replace your 20 foot tall Canary Island Date palm when it succumbs to a disease. You can think of it like an insurance policy; just as you pay for health insurance each month to avoid enormous medical bills if you ever get sick, you pay for palm maintenance to avoid any future issues.

Prevent Diseases and Insects

Of course, it’s all too easy for palms to contract diseases and other problems brought on by insects. The Spiral Whitefly, for example, is becoming more common in the South Tampa area and threatening Coconut palms. Other diseases can form if a palm’s care is done improperly or the tell-tale signs of a disease go unnoticed. You can prevent and handle any of these problems with a professional maintenance program.

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