18 Aug

The Appeal of Palm Trees in Tampa Landscapes

Tampa Landscapes The Appeal of Palm Trees in Tampa Landscapes

Does anything resemble Florida quite as much as a palm tree? I don’t think so.

The palm tree is on our state seal and flag (it’s a sable, or cabbage palm), which is also the state tree. It is native to Florida. So put one in your yard!

Don’t Palm Trees Require a Lot of Work?

Palm trees do pretty well in Tampa landscapes and really don’t need much more work than other trees.

For example, since they’re native, they don’t need extra watering except in summer and when they are newly planted. (I find it amusing that palm trees are popular in Phoenix, where they need frequent watering all the time.) There are really just a few things to keep in mind when you care for palm trees.

  1. Palms need annual trimming but not as much as you’d think. Trim only the dry leaves; nutrients from yellow and browning leaves grow new ones.
  2. Palms need frost protection so pay attention to frost warnings in winter. Wrap the trunk in a blanket. Cover small palms with boxes; larger ones can be sprayed with frost protectants. Make sure buds are well-covered.
  3. Put lights on your palm trees during the holiday season; they will help keep them warm!

Maintaining Healthy Palm Trees

I’ll make sure your palms are planted in high-quality, quick-draining soil that prevents root rot. I’ll add new fertilizer as needed and provide a watering schedule for you.

New palms often need time to adjust to their new surroundings. Customers sometimes call me saying that their new trees are dying! I’ll come by to check but chances are, the palms are still acclimating and will improve after a couple of weeks.

Take a look at some of the palm trees that grow particularly well in the Tampa area. I also have a FAQ on palm trees that answers many customer concerns.