15 Jun

Benefits of Planting Shrubs in Your Landscape

Planting Shrubs in Your Landscape

Your landscape design needs to include elements that make your lawn feel like home, but it is also important for everything in your landscape to work together for a healthy environment for all of your plants and grass. Planting shrubs can really help your landscape design pull together and work together with other elements of your lawn and garden to create a beautiful escape.

Shrubs Stop Erosion

If you have an area of your lawn that is prone to erosion, adding a tropical shrub or two can help eliminate the problem. Shrubs have deep roots, and these roots can easily anchor soil in areas where frequent rain runoff threatens the grass or other garden plants. 

Help Other Plants Thrive

Tropical shrubs can help the other plants in your lawn and garden thrive. Shrubs pull a lot of water and nutrients out of the soil. Some plants can be very sensitive to rich soil with too many nutrients. When you plant a shrub near these plants, it leaves enough nutrients for these sensitive plants, while still absorbing the excess nutrients that could kill some species.

Improve Air Quality

Research studies have been done over the last several years finding that some plants actually improve air quality. Some tropical shrubs are included in the lists of plants that improve air quality inside and outside of the home. When you plant these shrubs in your yard, it can improve the quality of the air, filtering out pollutants and adding oxygen to the environment, making you and your lawn healthier.

If you are interested in planting some tropical shrubs in your landscape or if you want help designing a new landscape, contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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