20 Aug

Are You Ready to Transform Your Lawn?

Transform Your Lawn


Transform Your Lawn

Maintaining a lush, green lawn can be challenging, especially in the hot Florida sun. But for the sake of curb appeal and your own desire to transform your lawn, you can try these tricks to revive your tired, brown, and weed-infested yard.


Think for a minute about all of the activity that your lawn endures. If kids, guests, pets, and toys make a regular appearance on your grass, then the soil below your yard has become hard and compacted. Compact soil is not something that you want, since is stunts air circulation, nutrient absorption, and water drainage. Important organisms like earthworms, which benefit healthy grass growth, struggle to establish themselves in compact soil.

All of this can be resolved by aerating your lawn on an annual basis. A simple aeration tool will punch holes into your lawn about three inches deep, and those holes will bring your grass back to life as air begins circulating, nutrients become absorbed, water drains properly, and beneficial organisms make themselves at home.

Water Based on Quality, not Quantity

Rather than watering frequently for only a few minutes, try watering less frequently but for longer periods of time each. Healthy grass needs water to reach deep down into the soil, especially during periods of extremely hot weather. Try watering your grass once per week with one inch of water to see if you notice a difference. Once the first three to four inches of soil become dry to the touch, you know it’s time to water once again. In drought situations or just to save water in general, water crystals can help absorb more hydration and reduce the need to water by up to 50 percent!

Go Natural

You don’t need to rely upon toxic fertilizers to keep your yard looking green and vibrant. Natural fertilizers can be found in store, but you can also get creative and begin composting. Believe it or not, leftovers from your kitchen, as well as excess grass clippings, can be composted to create nutrient-dense fertilizer that will improve water drainage, stimulate root growth, reduce plant disease, fight off garden pests, prevent erosion, balance the pH of your soil, and more. The benefits of composting are thoroughly proven, and composting saves you a great deal of money!

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