15 Sep

The Reason You Can’t Skip Irrigation Mapping

Irrigation Mapping

Irrigation Mapping

Living in the south comes with many perks, but it also means coping with a hot and humid climate. In terms of your commercial landscaping property, this hot and humid climate can often threaten to hurt your plants and fry your lawn. An irrigation system is the critical piece of infrastructure that will help keep your landscape consistently watered during the hottest months of the year. But unless you know the layout of your irrigation plan and purposefully implement it, your landscaping will continue to suffer.

What is Irrigation Mapping?

Irrigation mapping is a layout of the key components of your commercial property’s watering system. In addition to the parts you can see, like trees, plants, and aboveground sprinklers, an irrigation map also depicts the many underground elements of any irrigation system that help to make everything work cohesively.

A truly professional irrigation map will be color-coded and show each unique zone of landscaping. Each valve, sprinkler head, irrigation clock, and main water line will be marked on the irrigation mark to provide a cohesive understanding of the irrigation system’s inner workings.

The Importance of an Irrigation Map

The larger your commercial property, the larger your irrigation system. Since any watering system is complex and will require regular maintenance, it is critical to have a detailed map for reference. This becomes a huge time and money saver, since maintenance repair technicians can use the map to get right to work instead of spending precious time on the clock searching for the valves and sprinklers they need to service.

Your irrigation map will also become very valuable if you ever go to sell your property. Prospective buyers will want to know that they have access to all details of the commercial property’s infrastructure.

A local landscaping company will be able to create your irrigation map for you, and you’ll enjoy reaping the benefits for many years to come.