10 Nov

Revamp Your Home with Custom Landscaping

Revamp Your Home Revamp Your Home with Custom Landscaping

Outdoor landscaping is one of the most powerful tools to completely revamp your home. Strategic hardscape and well-designed softscape can transform the appearance of your home from hum-drum or average to impressive, well-kept, and distinguished. The right landscaping will also help you and your family feel more comfortable with an outdoor area that you can truly enjoy.

With that said, a true landscaping facelift is tricky to do on your own. DIY projects can be exciting and stimulating, but in this case you should consider hiring a custom landscaper to implement your outdoor vision. A professional custom landscaper will already possess the tools, knowledge, and manpower to perfectly create anything you can imagine.

As you begin landscaping plans, consider these questions to ensure you select a custom landscape plan that embodies the outdoor environment you want.

How Do You Want to Use Your Yard? Pets, children, mowing, swimming, and entertaining can all impact the purpose of your yard and drive your motivation to complete a landscaping project. If you want to landscape a yard friendly to children and pets, your choices will differ vastly from a homeowner with no children who prefers an outdoor living space for large parties. Consider what duties your yard must fulfill and plan accordingly.

What Are You Currently Unhappy With? This requires taking a step back to acknowledge certain elements of your current landscaping that, while you’ve learned to live with them, you’d really rather they didn’t exist at all! Make a list of the parts of your yard you wish could be different or that cause you trouble. Not enough shade, dilapidated walkways, and unsightly bushes or plants are common landscaping woes.

Are You Seeking Hardscape, Softscape, or Both? Hardscape involves the solid material structures used outdoors like patios and stone steps, while softscape is the actual plants, soils, and other greenery. Based on your design vision and your budget, you will need to determine your goals. A custom landscaping involving hardscape and softscape will create a complete transformation on your property with a higher level of investment, while just one or the other will still provide beautiful, long-lasting results on a more modest budget.

Whatever your outdoor dreams include, custom landscaping can bring it to life.