20 Jan

How to Select the Best Poolside Landscaping

Poolside Landscaping

Best Poolside Landscaping

When you have a swimming pool in your backyard, it’s really more than just a place to cool off. It’s a statement of your entire home, which means it deserves the best poolside landscaping that nature has to offer. There are countless ways to utilize stunning landscape designs to give your pool area a definite “wow” factor to neighbors and visitors alike. The following landscaping principles will help you make the most of your yard and pool simultaneously.

Improve Privacy with Tall Trees

Fences are wonderful and serve important purposes, but if the only thing separating your pool from your neighbor’s backyard is a short picket fence, you might feel like your privacy is being disrupted. If you want to swim in and relax by your pool without spectators, landscaping holds your solution. Select tall, skinny trees that grow reliably in a row like Leland cypress trees. Plant side by side on the other side of your fence to create a natural and attractive barrier. As another perk, the trees will provide shade from the intense summer sun, and that’s always a welcome relief!

Use Potted Plants to Your Advantage

Your pool most likely includes a seating area or lounging deck. Perhaps you have a large table with an umbrella, or maybe you opted for a swinging bench or hammock. Whatever furniture you use, it will look far more attractive with potted plants nearby. Potted plants have so many benefits because they are portable and can provide colorful and natural décor in places where a flowerbed simply couldn’t be installed. Consider potted plants at the end of a bench wall, on either side of a door or gate, and beside patio furniture.

Select the Right Plants

Some plants are perfect for pool areas because they are simple yet attractive. Others cause more problems than they solve. You definitely want to avoid fruit bearing trees that will leave a huge mess on your pool deck and attract unwanted insects. In addition, steer clear of plants with thorns or prickers, as they can cause an unsuspecting swimmer incredible pain. Instead, the best plant and tree choices include evergreen trees, shrubs, long blooming flowers, and ornamental grasses.

With a keen eye and the support of a professional landscaping company, your pool grounds will belong on the cover of a magazine.