15 Feb

How Shrubs Protect Other Plants in Your Garden and Landscaping

How Shrubs Protect Other Plants

When you are planning your garden and landscaping, you would be remiss if you did not include some shrubs in the mix. Shrubs not only add to the aesthetics of your landscaping, but shrubs protect other plants in your garden.

How Shrubs Protect Other Plants

Prevent Erosion

The roots of shrubs help to prevent erosion of the soil in your garden. This is important in Florida due to the heavy rains that sometimes come through the area. Erosion of the soil can wash out your other plants and cause them to have unhealthy root systems. By preventing that erosion, shrubs can protect your other plants in your garden from washing out.

Filter Excess Nutrients

Shrubs help to filter the excess nutrients and sediment from the soil in your garden. This will help the other plants in your garden to be healthier and more stable. While some nutrients are good for your other plants, shrubs will not inhibit their growth. Instead, the shrubs will help maintain the perfect balance for your other plants and flowers.

Discourage Pests

Many shrubs help to discourage pests from entering your garden. Some shrubs are pest repellents, which means that your other plants and flowers will be protected from this harm when you surround them with shrubs. Shrubs also improve the air quality of your garden, which is also important for healthy plants and flowers.

If you are looking at improving your landscaping or garden and increasing the health of your other plants and flowers, contact us today for more information about the shrubs we offer. We will be happy to discuss your needs and your current garden, so that we can recommend the best shrubs for your circumstances.