15 Mar

Stunning Backyard Palm Tree Design Ideas

Backyard Palm Tree Design

Backyard Palm Tree Design

Living in Florida comes with many perks, including the ability to choose any palm tree for your landscaping purposes. While northern states are restricted to cold-hardy palms, residents of Florida have the freedom to select any palm tree species that they find appealing, since Florida’s climate provides the perfect growing conditions for all types of palms.  

If you’re currently looking for a way to add more character, shade, and appeal to your backyard, consider adding palm trees into your landscape design. There’s nothing quite like a palm to transform a drab, dull backyard into an instant tropical oasis. Better yet, investing in backyard landscaping can boost the value of your home.

Around the Pool

If you’re like most Florida homeowners, you have a pool in your backyard. There are thousands of ways to utilize palm trees to enhance the feel and function of your pool area. For example, you can blend palms with tall grasses to give your pool deck the feeling of an exotic island getaway. Place reclining chairs and umbrellas along the trees and lay back as the palms sway in the wind. You could also design your pool with tree beds built into the perimeter, which would allow you to install symmetrical palm trees to line your pool area and give it the appearance of a five star resort.

Divide a Space

Since palm trees can be placed with precision, you can also use them as attractive and unobtrusive barriers between spaces in your backyard. For example, three Sylvester palms or Bismarck palms can be spaced between your deck and pool area to create a natural and attractive barrier.

Supplement a Privacy Fence

You most likely value your privacy, especially within your own home. Since most neighborhoods do not allow privacy fences to stand more than five or six feet tall, you can strategically use palm trees to supplement your privacy wall and create an extra boost of separation. This strategy also enhances the perimeter of your property and gives you a beautiful focal point to enjoy.

Since palm trees are always best handled by experts, give Oasis Palms and Landscaping a call for professional assistance with your palm landscaping. Located in Apollo Beach, Florida, Oasis Palms and Landscaping can help you identify the best palms for your purpose, design a landscaping plan that meets your needs, and install and maintain everything to make your vision a reality. Give them a call today at 813-370-1135 to learn more!  

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