27 Jul

Oasis Palms Palm Trees To Spruce Up Your Yard And Save You Money

Oasis Palms Palm Trees To Spruce Up Your Yard And Save You Money

Say goodbye to back-breaking gardening and say hello to a sanctuary that looks good without the hassle. Oasis Palms is looking to help you revamp your yard without breaking the bank. Your yard will shine top of the line while your neighbors ask you who did your transformation.  Oasis Palms is not only here to offer you a great deal but will do the work as well.  They have palm trees in all shapes and sizes for you to choose from to make your backyard the way you have always wanted it to look. At Oasis Palms, they know the ins and outs of combining maintenance, beauty, and function.

What does the sale of palm trees entail?

There are more than 8 species of palm trees to choose from in this sale. They are not run of the mill either but top-of-the-line palm trees. These palm trees differ in height so you can vary where they are placed in your outdoor living space. Oasis Palms can plant these palm trees at your residence or a commercial business.

The different types of palms Oasis Palms offers

Some of the different kinds of palms they offer are Fishtail, Areca, Queen, Bottle, Royal, Robellini, Foxtail, Sylvester, and Bismarck.

Fishtail Palm Trees are clusters that grow very dense and full and can be used for privacy screens, especially in their younger days. They create a draping mass of green leaves along the large trunk as they grow.

Areca Palms is from Madagascar and very common in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. Their leaves resemble the shape of a feather and the trunk is smooth like bamboo. This is also a great option if you are looking for a privacy screen.

Queen Palms are single-trunk palm with pinnate leaves that create a drooping canopy. This is a palm that is for more of a residential area.  It will give your home that focal point and framing that you have been looking for. But this palm can also be planted in more commercial landscapes in rows if that’s what you chose.

The palm trees on sale can provide your home or business with a tropical look.

The Staple Palms

Bottle palms can be the staple of your entryway. They have a large trunk and are slow growing. They enjoy the sun, a sandy area, and great draining soil. This palm will also not tolerate frost or any type of cold. This palm is usually the center of attention in a garden or home.

The Royal Palm is native to North America and Cuba and loves the heat. Royal Palms can be found in the Caribbean, Texas, Southern parts of Florida, and Central and South America.  These palms are often on city streets, large parking lots, and medians of highways.

Oasis has palm trees on sale and the variety is endless for where they can be planted.

Robellini Palms could be the best option for you if you don’t have much room for larger palm trees in your yard or garden. This is one of the smaller palms that rarely grows more than 12 feet in height and sometimes grows only about 6 feet. These smaller palm trees on sale will help you tie your home or business landscape together like a tropical paradise. This Robelli Palm is a date palm because of how small it is in size or often known as a pygmy date palm.

The foxtail Palm has leaves that are brushed like a fox tail and available in single and multi-trunk specimens. This palm can work in almost any kind of landscape.  Watering has to be regular with these types of palms as drought will not be tolerated. This is also a self-cleaning palm so when a leaf is old and dried out it will fall off and it is most often salt-tolerant.

The Big Palms

Look no further if you want to be the talk of your town or community because Sylvester Palms are for you. This palm is native to Pakistan, Bangladesh, and most of India and are generally easy to grow. They also fight off most diseases other palms and plants are common to. These are the most common palm trees for sale because they are easy to grow and care for. There is little maintenance needed for these palms. You can even pot 3 to 5 palms in a pot and watch them grow on their own.

Bismarck Palms are a beauty whether it be a single tree or grouped with others. It has a huge crown and fan-like shape at the top.  This palm is also native to Madagascar and subtropical climates. This palm looks magnificent when fully grown and does best with a lot of sun and sandy drained soil. Bismarck’s best fit is for residential areas, gardens, and parks or avenues. It also grows a little quicker than other palms. With this wide variety of palm tree sales on sale, no matter what you are looking for, Oasis Palms is the place for you.

The Canary Island Date Palm Tree can be done in rows or stand alone as a focal point for your property. Canary Island Date Palm is native to the Canary Islands which is off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean off the northeastern coast of South Africa.

Whether you are looking for a landscape overhaul or just a little revamp, Oasis Palms can help you one palm tree at a time and build your landscape design the way you want it the first time. Just tell the owner Taylor Hardin exactly what you want and he will have his team on it in no time.

If your home or business is in the Tampa area, Oasis Palms can put in palms with the design and layout you want. Just give them a call at 813-370-1135 to get a quote so you can get started on your next landscape project. The crew is ready to help customers choose the right palms for their location as well as the best layout for your space. They will go over the top to make sure you are satisfied with their work which is why you should make the final decision of choosing Oasis Palms.