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How Much Water Does Your Florida Lawn Need During Winter?

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How Much Water Does Your Florida Lawn Need During Winter?

In Florida, we are lucky enough to have warm weather year-round, which means that our lawns and gardens can be green and lush all year with proper care. But, sometimes it’s difficult to know how exactly to care for our outdoor spaces as the weather cools down.

In the summer, the combination of heat and humidity causes grass to grow feverishly. So, it’s no surprise that your lawn requires more water during these times of high growth.

However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect your lawn’s water needs in the cooler winter months.

The exact amount of water your lawn needs depends on what type of grass you have, but a good rule of thumb is an even ¾” coverage over the entire lawn once per week during the cooler fall and winter months. This increases to twice per week during spring and summer.

Watering your lawn uniformly is just as important as how frequently you water it. You don’t want some areas to be soaking wet while others are bone dry as this will lead to dead areas and extra soft ground.

To make your landscaping affairs easier in all seasons, consider using an automatic sprinkler system set up by a professional, like Oasis Palms & Landscaping. Our team of experts knows exactly where to place sprinkler heads to get uniform coverage for your entire lawn.

Call (813) 370-1135 or contact us online to find out how we can take the burden of lawn care off of your shoulders. We’ve helped many Tampa area residents start enjoying their evenings and weekends at home instead of being constantly bogged down with landscaping chores. We can help you keep a green, stress-free lawn all year long!

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