15 Sep

Autumn Is Here! What to Expect From Your Tropical Plants

Autumn Is Here! What to Expect From Your Tropical Plants

Florida is unique in the U.S. for having a very tropical climate, even though it does see some turning of the seasons. Because Florida is so warm and moist for most of the year, tropical plants are very common and entirely appropriate for Florida lawns. But there are some things you should expect from your tropical plants as temperatures cool, and you may need to take some precautions.

Tropical Plants

Do not prune in the fall or winter.

Even though Florida is still fairly warm, you don’t want to prune your tropical trees or shrubs during this time. Pretty much any tree or bush is going to need some pruning in late winter or early spring to prepare for new growth, but too much trimming or pruning when growth is slow could kill the plant.

Do not overwater.

Even though there is much less precipitation now than last month, you don’t want to overwater your tropical plants. Yes, they are used to getting a lot of moisture and sun. They will still be getting that sun; but with cooler temps, it isn’t appropriate to keep them that moist. Water less frequently, but make sure they don’t dry out.


If you’re planning on adding fertilizer to your lawn and/or trees and shrubs, you should do so soon. October is the best month for fertilizing Florida landscaping. If you have trees and shrubs that have been newly planted, fertilizer is highly recommended.

Ready to prepare your lawn for autumn? We can give you the tools, advice, and professional care that your lawn deserves.

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