15 Jun

Best Time of the Day to Water Plants

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Best Time of the Day to Water Plants

Keeping your plants well-watered and lush all year long isn’t too hard here in the Sunshine state. While many cities and counties have watering restrictions that all residents must follow, these don’t usually prohibit you so much that you can’t keep your plants sufficiently watered. Most rules also only apply to automatic sprinkler systems. Check your locality’s rules on watering for your approved watering days and times.

Early morning is the best time of day to water plants here in Florida. During the early morning hours, the plants and grass are already naturally wet with dew. Extra watering during the dew period won’t leave the plants wet later in the morning, which encourages disease growth. Watering late in the evening can also have this effect. The sun is usually not as fierce in the early morning, reducing the possibility of burning wet leaves as well.

Watering at midday when the sun is highest and hottest is not advised. You will lose a hefty portion of the water to evaporation, and leaving tender leaves wet in the savage Florida sun can cause irreversible damage.

It can be hard to know when and how much to water your lawn and plants. Watering too much can be just as detrimental as not watering enough, and watering at the wrong time of day can kill your plants and get you an expensive fine from your city or HOA. Do you live or work in the Tampa area? Are you overwhelmed by your landscaping needs? Trust the professionals at Oasis Palms & Landscaping to make your landscaping the envy of your neighborhood. Call us at (813) 370-1135 to schedule an estimate and learn why we’re Tampa’s premier landscaping contractor.