20 Dec

The Most Important Elements of Palm Tree Care

Elements of Palm Tree Care Elements of Palm Tree Care

If you live in a warm or mild climate, chances are you have or currently enjoy the perks of incorporating palm trees into your outdoor landscaping. These evergreen tropical plants usually contain a single trunk and either fan shaped or feather shaped leaves. While palms are fairly low maintenance, elements of palm tree care must occur to ensure the trees grow to their full maturity and don’t succumb to a disease.

Water Goldilocks Style

Too much or too little water will spell out death or disease to a newly planted palm. The first week is the most crucial because it requires watering every single day. You’ll know if the palm is appropriately hydrated if the soil is moist down to the roots the day after being watered. On the other hand, if you overwater your palm tree, its leaves will turn brown or yellow and fall off before drying. This can be efficiently avoided by establishing strong drainage with a 40 percent sand to soil mix when planting the palm.

Fertilize Strategically

Palm trees need about a month before they can handle fertilizer without essentially being poisoned by the chemicals. After the one-month mark, apply a fertilizer composed of two parts nitrogen, one part phosphorus, three parts potassium, and one part magnesium. This fertilizer should be applied four times a year to keep the tree nourished.

Keep Pruning In Check

It’s tempting to cut any brown leaves off the tree as soon as they appear. Many people think that it will save the tree from wasting nutrients on a leaf that is dying, but this logic is mistaken. Palms actually use their dying leaves to move nutrients from the older fronds to the new leaf. If a frond is growing at a 45 degree angle or greater, definitely don’t prune it away. The last thing you want is a palm tree that resembles a rooster tail!

With a few careful techniques and a reasonable amount of attention to the care of your new palm tree, you’ll continue to have a stunning outdoor landscape.