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5 Plants That Flower All Winter Long in Florida


5 Plants That Flower All Winter Long in Florida

There are so many beautiful plants that bloom all year long here in sunny Florida, it’s hard to choose just five to feature here (in fact, it was so hard, we threw in a bonus plant just because). We’ve searched through dozens of options to curate the following list, giving you winter flower options that will add color and interest to your landscaping all year. Check out these photos from our past jobs to see how we put these recommendations to work for Tampa Bay homes and businesses.

Gerbera Daisy

While most of the country plants gerbera daisies as annuals, Florida gardens are lucky enough to have this beauty in bloom all year long. Gerberas come in a variety of colors, including red, pink, yellow, orange, purple, and white. Their large blooms are eye-catching and make great cut flowers in arrangements too! Plant gerberas in fertile, well-draining soil with lots of morning sun and some afternoon shade for the best bloom.


Firespike is a perfect Florida perennial, surviving in all parts of the state. As the name suggests, this evergreen shrub boasts 6-foot tall branches covered in deep green leaves with a foot-long streamer of fire-red flowers on top. Use firespike as a unique privacy hedge or as the cornerstone of a pollinator garden. This plant grows great in lots of sunlight but will tolerate some shade, does well in drought conditions, and even thrives in areas of salt spray.


Violas are small versions of pansies that come in every color of the rainbow. They have vividly colored blooms all year long, even in northern Florida where temperatures can come close to below freezing during the winter months. These versatile cuties do well in containers, herb gardens, or planted together to make a large cluster of flowers.


No Florida garden is complete without the color blue, and planting plumbago ensures that your landscape will include this striking color all year. Plumbago is a great shrub for informal hedges and loves full sunlight. While sky blue is the typical plumbago color, white and cobalt blue varieties have recently been developed. Plant plumbago in well-drained acidic soil for the best blooms.

Winter Jasmine

These no-fuss, tiny blooms add a pop of yellow to your garden. Winter jasmine is a vining shrub that lacks the characteristic scent of other jasmine varieties, but it makes up for it by bringing smiles to people’s faces during the gloomy winter months with almost no maintenance. Winter jasmine can survive in less-than-ideal soil conditions as long as it drains well and has lots of sunlight.

And as a bonus, Ornamental Cabbages

Okay, so cabbage isn’t a flower, but hear us out. These decorative cabbages get brighter as the temperature falls, adding a gorgeous pop of deep red and purple that provides warmth and intensity to your winter garden. Plus, you can make your friends envy your culinary skills by using pieces of the colorful cabbage to garnish your meals (they taste a bit too bitter to be a main recipe ingredient).

If you want a bright and colorful yard during the winter months, call Oasis Palms & Landscaping at (813) 370-1135 for recommendations that will thrive in Tampa’s mild climate. We specialize in landscaping that is both beautiful and beneficial to the local environment. Contact us today for a free quote and see how easy it is to have a gorgeous, healthy yard all year long.

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