04 Aug

Landscaping in Tampa

Landscaping in Tampa Landscaping in Tampa

Landscaping in Tampa has a wonderful climate for workers.  Plenty of trees, shrubs, flowering plants, and vines grow here in a climate that’s semi-tropical yet will get occasional winter frost.

Best of all, the Tampa region is very hospitable for that Florida icon, the palm tree.

Landscape Design Adds Value and Enjoyment to a Residence

Because our region gets plenty of humid air and rain, it’s something of a landscaper’s dream to work here. Even better, realtors here will tell you that skilled landscaping adds value to a home. According to one local Tampa realtor’s blog, a house with a “nice, neat, and lush” landscape will sell for up to 13% more than a home without one.

Consider Adding Fruit-Bearing Trees to Your Landscaping Plan

Homeowners also enjoy looking outside at their beautiful grounds. Why wouldn’t they? It’s one of the investments they make that provides instant gratification.

I came across a fun article in the Tampa Bay Times about a local family that’s growing pretty much all their vegetable and fruit needs right in their back yard. While I don’t recommend a veritable farm for everyone, it is enjoyable to plant a tree or two that bears fruit you can enjoy right.

Our climate is particularly good for figs, grapefruit, lemons, tangelos, and pecans. Talk about getting a treat just outside your back door!

Customized Design Provide Balance

I customize landscape designs for clients to ensure a balance between the home and property.

If there’s a lot of space to work with, I may recommend planting a line of large, leafy trees to provide privacy and fill in otherwise empty space. Colorful shrubs can be planted in between the trees.

Very large yards can be enhanced with a fountain or pond.

Shrubs and flowers are great additions to smaller front yards. They can be set off with paving stones or carefully edged to define a border. Check our gallery for examples.