20 Jun

The Most Prevalent Landscaping Mistakes

Prevalent Landscaping Mistakes

Prevalent Landscaping Mistakes

Landscaping has the ability to transform the appearance of any home and make it look more expensive, sophisticated, and appealing than it did before. However, there are a number of prevalent landscaping mistakes that might be standing in the way of your curb appeal. Take a look and see if any of these sound familiar to you.

Ignoring the Seasons

Spring and summer are lush, beautiful times for landscaping because color pops even when you didn’t plan it. But what about autumn and winter? Both seasons have great potential for eye-catching landscaping if you plan well. Arrowwood viburnum, sumac, fothergilla, and american bittersweet will all grow with vibrant colors in the autumn. Each plant offers different variations of the reds, golds, and oranges that you expect to see during the fall. In the winter, don’t assume that your landscaping is a lost cause until spring, especially in the south. There are plenty of plants, like the Christmas holly shrubs, bayberry, and Canadian hemlocks to bring winter cheer to your yard.

Failing to Make a Plan

If you’re serious about your landscaping, you need to have a hard and fast plan that outlines your vision and provides a complete map of your goals. Planting blindly can lead to invasive species killing each other, disorganization, and general chaos. All you need is a landscape drawing and a trip to your local plant store to decide exactly what you want to do, and how you should do it. If you think you want to add in hardscape elements like stones and footpaths, now is the time to think about it.

Fighting Your Natural Lawn

If your lawn has one or two or seven problem areas that drive you crazy, don’t spend all of your time and energy fighting that area to conform to your vision. Instead, revamp your vision to fit the problem. For example, if your yard is too rocky and sloped in one place to keep grass growing nicely, create a sweeping rocky hill instead with low-maintenance plants scattered in between rocks and moss. You’ll be shocked with how gorgeous it really looks in the end.