15 Jun

Best Landscaping Uses for Small Tropical Shrubs

When you are plotting the landscape for your new or renovated home, the choices for Florida-friendly tropical shrubs, trees, and other landscaping features can be overwhelming. While researching different types of shrubs, consider how you might put those shrubs to use. They don’t have to be just for decoration. Here are some ideas.

Small Tropical Shrubs


Small tropical shrubs are a great addition to your garden, creating a natural border. If you have a raised garden for convenience, the shrubs can hide the stilts of the garden boxes.

Line a Walk, Drive, or Property Line

Do you want to discourage people from walking on your grass, but don’t want a full privacy border? By lining the sidewalk or drive with small shrubs, you are cutting off their easy path to the lawn. They will be forced to follow the path of your choosing, but without making them feel claustrophobic.

Along the Front Porch

Is your front porch raised from the ground, showing a cavity, lattice work, or siding? Use tropical shrubs to hide this part of the home, making it look seamless to the porch.

Add Color Year Round

Many tropical shrubs bloom at different times of the year. If you plan wisely, you can have different blooms the color of your choosing in the spring, summer, and fall. You can coordinate your shrub choices based on your favorite colors for the season.

If you are looking for more ways to use tropical shrubs in your yard, contact us today for assistance.

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