10 May

An Introduction to Palm Tree Care

Palm Tree Care

Palm Tree Care

Nothing symbolizes the Florida culture and climate quite like a collection of beautiful palm trees. When you make the investment to transform and enhance your landscaping with palm trees, it is very important to understand the best methods of palm tree care. Just a bit of strategic watering, fertilization, and pruning will help your palm trees flourish in the Florida sun.

Watering Your New Palm

New palm trees are thirsty, so it is best to water them every day for the first two to three weeks. During the period four to six weeks after being planted, your palms will decrease their water needs to every other day, and eventually just three times per week. It is important to strike the right balance of watering so that the soil remains moist without causing water to pool. Since palms grow more during warm summer months than cool winter months, you also need to adjust the amount of water you use seasonally.

As you water your palms, remember that dumping all of the water into the soil at once will not benefit your palm’s growth and health. It is best to water for short increments, allow the water to soak into the soil, and then continue watering. This prevents the water from running off into the grass and missing the chance to hydrate your palms.

Fertilize Damp Soil Quarterly

Since palm tree roots are so fragile, you don’t want to fertilize too soon. Wait three to four months after your palms have been planted to start fertilizing, and then maintain a steady rhythm of four fertilization periods per year. Fall and spring applications should be heavier, while winter and summer fertilizing applications need to be lighter. The best fertilizers have a 3:1:3 ratio of Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium, along with microelements like Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Sulfur, Copper, and Manganese.

Trimming your palm is another important maintenance component that is best left to a professional landscaping company like Oasis Palms and Landscaping in Apollo Beach, Florida. Whatever maintenance questions or concerns you have, Oasis Palms and Landscaping can provide you all of the hands-on support that you need. Just call (813) 370-1135 to learn more.

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