15 Jul

Three Important Tips to Help Palm Trees Thrive

Tips to Help Palm Trees Thrive

When you get palm trees installed in your landscape, we strive to ensure that you have the strongest, healthiest plants possible. We plant each palm with the utmost care, and ensure that it has a good start in the soil. From the time of planting, it is important that you care for your palms appropriately so that they do not wither and die. Here are three important tips to help your palm trees thrive just after planting.

Water Frequently

It is important that your palms get plenty of water, especially right after they are planted. If it doesn’t rain, you should water your palms every day for the first two to three weeks. After this, water every other day for two to three weeks. At that point you can resume a normal watering schedule of twice a week. If you don’t make sure your palms get enough water in the first month or two, they will wither and die very quickly.


Palms have delicate root systems, so it is important not to add fertilizer to your palms for at least the first four months. After that time you can add fertilizer to the soil to help them grow and remain healthy. You should fertilize heavily in October and February and lightly in December and July. Make sure that the fertilizer you choose works well with the type of palms you have planted. If you are unsure, contact us for more information on caring for your palms.


Palm trees do not require any trimming as a general rule. Old fronds will fall off on their own in most cases. It can be harmful to the plant if you trim it unnecessarily. If you get any brown fronds, these should be trimmed away. However, if you have brown fronds you need to examine the health of the tree and see if other measures for its health are necessary.

Overall, caring for palm trees is fairly easy, and they thrive well in Florida climates. If you are interested in getting fresh new palms for your landscape, contact us today for more information or to get started.

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