15 Jun

Benefits of Planting Shrubs in Your Landscape

Planting Shrubs in Your Landscape

Your landscape design needs to include elements that make your lawn feel like home, but it is also important for everything in your landscape to work together for a healthy environment for all of your plants and grass. Planting shrubs can really help your landscape design pull together and work together with other elements of your lawn and garden to create a beautiful escape.

Shrubs Stop Erosion

If you have an area of your lawn that is prone to erosion, adding a tropical shrub or two can help eliminate the problem. Shrubs have deep roots, and these roots can easily anchor soil in areas where frequent rain runoff threatens the grass or other garden plants. 

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15 Apr

The 3 Things to Consider When Designing Your Landscape

Designing Your Landscape

When it comes time to plan your landscape, there are several things that you should consider. You want to make sure that the items you plan to install in your lawn and garden are suitable to your climate and use. Whenever you are in doubt of what your particular yard might be able to handle in the way of landscaping, it is best to get the advice of a professional for designing your landscape. In the meantime, here are three things that you should consider when planning your landscaping.

Designing Your Landscape

Yard Conditions

Your yard has its own microclimate, and this greatly affects the types of plants and grass that will easily grow in your landscape. Your yard has a particular soil type, as well as level of shade or sun. Depending on the size of your yard, you may have several different areas that are conducive to different types of plants. A professional can examine your yard’s soil and sun and determine the best plants for your microclimate.

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15 Feb

How Shrubs Protect Other Plants in Your Garden and Landscaping

How Shrubs Protect Other Plants

When you are planning your garden and landscaping, you would be remiss if you did not include some shrubs in the mix. Shrubs not only add to the aesthetics of your landscaping, but shrubs protect other plants in your garden.

How Shrubs Protect Other Plants

Prevent Erosion

The roots of shrubs help to prevent erosion of the soil in your garden. This is important in Florida due to the heavy rains that sometimes come through the area. Erosion of the soil can wash out your other plants and cause them to have unhealthy root systems. By preventing that erosion, shrubs can protect your other plants in your garden from washing out.

Filter Excess Nutrients

Shrubs help to filter the excess nutrients and sediment from the soil in your garden. This will help the other plants in your garden to be healthier and more stable. While some nutrients are good for your other plants, shrubs will not inhibit their growth. Instead, the shrubs will help maintain the perfect balance for your other plants and flowers.

Discourage Pests

Many shrubs help to discourage pests from entering your garden. Some shrubs are pest repellents, which means that your other plants and flowers will be protected from this harm when you surround them with shrubs. Shrubs also improve the air quality of your garden, which is also important for healthy plants and flowers.

If you are looking at improving your landscaping or garden and increasing the health of your other plants and flowers, contact us today for more information about the shrubs we offer. We will be happy to discuss your needs and your current garden, so that we can recommend the best shrubs for your circumstances.

15 Dec

Landscaping After a Storm: How To Give Your Plants Life Again

 After a StormLandscaping After a Storm

Winter isn’t a harsh month in Florida, but it can still bring storms that cause damage to your property. As the weather starts to warm back up, you may find yourself facing the task of landscaping after a storm. After all, you want to optimize your curb appeal with healthy, green, and perky plants. Consider bringing in a professional landscaping company to help you handle your most pressing landscaping needs.

Step 1: Create a Plan

You will be tempted to jump to action, but the best landscaping restoration begins with a solid, thorough plan. Wait until the storm has cleared and visibility is high. Prioritize the cleanup process by first identifying access issues: are there any entries to your home or car that cannot be accessed? Then identify potential risk factors, like trees or limbs that are unstable and could fall. This is critical, since damaged trees have the potential to fall without warning and injure anybody below. Read More

15 Nov

How To Handle Your Diseased Tree: Can It Be Saved?

Diseased TreeHow To Handle Your Diseased Tree

Trees are no different than humans: they need the right nutrients and hydration to grow and stay healthy. This means they are also prone to unexpected diseases. Insects, environmental toxins, challenging weather conditions, and many other factors can place trees under enough stress that they fall ill land become diseased trees.

Once a tree is sick, only quick and professional action can save it and prevent the disease from spreading to other trees nearby. Make sure you know how to identify a sick tree on your property and seek the care your tree needs to survive.

First, Look for the Signs

A tree will show signs that it is in trouble, like brittle wood, areas of decay, lack of leaves, and cracks on the trunk. You can also use the Internet to research any strange tree behavior you are noticing to determine its meaning. If you notice signs of disease, call an arborist or landscaping professional for help! Read More

20 May

The Importance of Attractive Commercial Landscaping

Attractive Commercial Landscaping

Attractive Commercial Landscaping

The same business with the same building, employees, and customer service will be perceived dramatically different if it boasts professional and attractive commercial landscaping compared to weeds and dead grass. Commercial landscaping is just as powerful to attracting new customers as curb appeal is to a home up for sale. By working with a trusted local company like Oasis Palms and Landscaping in Apollo Beach, Florida, your commercial setting will be set apart from the competition with a beautiful and cohesive landscape. Read More

10 May

An Introduction to Palm Tree Care

Palm Tree Care

Palm Tree Care

Nothing symbolizes the Florida culture and climate quite like a collection of beautiful palm trees. When you make the investment to transform and enhance your landscaping with palm trees, it is very important to understand the best methods of palm tree care. Just a bit of strategic watering, fertilization, and pruning will help your palm trees flourish in the Florida sun. Read More

15 Apr

Mulch Isn’t Your Only Option: Using Variety in Your Landscaping

Variety in Your Landscaping

Mulch Isn’t Your Only Option: Using Variety in Your Landscaping

Your yard’s landscape can either support or destroy a guest’s first impression of your home. If you want to transform the appearance of your home, creating a beautiful and cohesive landscape is the best method. Aside from selecting the trees, plants, and sod that will compliment your space, you also need to consider mulch.

Mulch serves the vital purpose of enhancing the visual appeal of flowerbeds and other landscaping features, holding moisture, protecting plant roots, and so much more. Though most homeowners utilize wood or bark mulch, there are many alternatives that can serve the purpose you need while also offering unique aesthetic and maintenance benefits. Read More